Authors at Work

First graders have been working on writing in a variety of ways this school year. One way we practice writing is through a Writer’s Workshop

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S Clusters

Expanding our understanding of blends, this week’s phonetic activities and spelling list will involve s-clusters, or three letter blends. Students generated and selected words with

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Throughout the school year first grade students will be expanding their understanding of grammar learning about parts of speech such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

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Service Learning

During the week of September 9-13, students in grades three through five will be leading a service-learning project for the SPS Clothing Bank. Students and

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Natural Resources

Over the past few days, we jumped into our first science unit: Natural Resources. Natural resources are things found in nature that can be used

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Literacy Centers

In first grade, a big portion of our morning is spent in Literacy Centers.  A literacy center is an area or station designed for a specific

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