Force and Motion

Launching our next science and social studies topics, first graders shared in the read aloud Energy Makes Things Happen.  We practiced transferring energy by tossing a

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Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House series has quickly become a classroom favorite during read aloud. Thus far we have shared two books, Midnight on the Moon

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Digraph th

Th is another digraph sound first graders are learning about in phonics and spelling.  Th can make two sounds, a hard or voiced sound as

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This week we are learning all about Thanksgiving, the fourth American holiday we have studied this year.  Students started the day with a turkey activity

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This week we are focusing heavily learning our addition and subtraction doubles facts.  An addition doubles fact repeats the same addend, adding a number to

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Sh Digraph

Although it is a short week, we will have a weekly spelling list as we learn about digraph sh.  At home practice will be beneficial

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Veterans Day

Today we learned about Veterans Day, a day in which we honor those who have served in the armed forces.  First graders watched a brief

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Stars and Constellations

First graders have learned all about stars and constellations.  Practicing reading comprehension skills, students read with a partner and then wrote facts they recalled about

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Election Day

                Summit first graders have been learning all about the election.  They enjoyed watching a BrainPOP Jr. video

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