In learning about the Navajo of the southwest region, first grade enjoyed the shared read aloud, The Goat in the Rug.  In the book, Geraldine,

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Vowel Team ea

This week in spelling and word work, first grade will begin working with vowel digraphs or vowel teams. Vowel teams will be introduced in the

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As we continue our study of weather, first grade students are investigating clouds.  We have learned that clouds form when warm air and cold air meet. 

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First grade students know that c and k can make the /k/ sound when they are separate and when they are together.  This week’s spelling pattern

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Summit first graders are learning about the Sioux of the Great Plains.  Students have discovered that the Sioux Nation was comprised of three main tribes:

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Suffix ed

This week in spelling and word work, first graders will be learning about suffix ed.  Tying in with our study of verbs, we will be

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Groundhog Day

Yesterday, we began the KY3 Weather School contest.  In doing so, we viewed and read weather forecasts on KY3 and the Weather Channel.  While both

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