The Rough-Face Girl

This week we continue to study Native Americans as first grade students have been learning about the Iroquois and other tribes from the Northeast Woodlands. 

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Doubles and Half Facts

This week in math we are focusing heavily on learning our addition doubles facts and subtraction half facts.  An addition doubles fact is a fact

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Sammy Loves Fried Zebras

Today we learned a new spelling pattern using the silly, yet memorable mnemonic, “Sammy Loves Fried Zebras.”  Also called the “FLOSS Rule,” it is as

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Happy Thanksgiving

As we began our second trimester topic, Native Americans, first grade students learned a little about the Wampanoag and the first Thanksgiving.  Participating in shared

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How to Make Paper

In recent weeks, first grade students have been exposed to a variety of procedural or how to texts.  Students are practicing using the reading strategy of visualization to

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Needs and Wants

First grade students are learning about needs and wants, analyzing examples of goods and services, and distinguishing between producers and consumers. Students have learned that

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Goods and Services

First grade students are learning about basic economics as we study goods and services.  We are discussing how goods and services are produced, distributed, consumed, and

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Digraph qu

This week we have introduced digraph qu.  Students enjoyed listening to The Wedding of Q and U, a fictional story about the letter pairing and their spelling

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Important Dates and Information

All School Picnic this Friday, November 3rd This Friday, November 3rd is our first all school picnic of the year! Classes will head outside (weather permitting) for their

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