This afternoon, first grade partnered with third grade to try out a new Lower School tech tool, Osmo.  In short, Osmo is a learner-led iPad game

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ABC Order

Summit first graders are developing alphabetizing skills.  First, students learned the letter sequence and how to put letters in alphabetical order.  Then, they learned and

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Doubles Facts

This week in math we are focusing heavily on learning our addition doubles facts.  An addition doubles fact is a fact that repeats the same

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Saving and Spending

Completing our unit on economics, first grade students have learned about saving and spending.  Reading aloud Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday prompted much

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Needs and Wants

First grade students are learning about needs and wants, analyzing examples of goods and services, and distinguishing between producers and consumers. Students have learned that

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How to Make Paper

In recent weeks, first grade students have been exposed to a variety of procedural or how to texts.  Students are practicing using the reading strategy of visualization to

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Fall Concert

Please see the following message from Mr. Keech. It’s time for our Fall Concert once again. Our musicians have worked very hard over the past several

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School Updates

Veterans Day and Patriotic Free Dress Day, Thursday, November 10th – Students may dress in Red/White/Blue and/or camo in honor of Veterans Day. There is no

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Shape Construction

As we wrap up our study of geometry, this afternoon, first grade students enjoyed constructing 3-dimensional shapes.  Using marshmallows to represent the vertices and toothpicks

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