Today, first grade students partner read a science vocabulary book, Weather!  Prior to reading, we reviewed features of nonfiction texts including a table of contents,

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Place Value

This week we are focusing heavily on place value concepts as we further explore number relationships.  Place value is the value of a digit depending

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Final p Blends

This is our last week to focus on ending blends.  As our final pattern, we will be working with words ending in -lp, -mp, and

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Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, first graders learned all about Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., discovering that he was an important African-American leader in the Civil Rights Movement.

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Iroquois and Seminole

In our studies of Native Americans of North America, first grade students have learned about two regions and tribes, the Iroquois of the northeast and

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Ending Blends

We are continuing to learn about ending blends as today students brainstormed and selected words for spelling that end with final t blends including -ct, -lt,

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First graders learned a new game today called Chunks.  In the game, students select tiles that contain commonly found onsets (beginnings) and rimes (endings) to

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LAD Fair

Are you looking for something educational to do on yet another snow day?  This trimester, first grade students will have the opportunity to participate in

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