Recess: Cooperative Play

Recess time not only gives students a brain break and a chance to get moving, it also helps teach them valuable social skills! Through cooperative

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Spelling Practice!

As part of our spelling routine, each week first graders focus on a specific phonetic pattern and words that contain those patterns.  We create a

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The Importance of Brain Breaks

Brain breaks are short, energizing bursts of activity that boost blood flow, send oxygen to the brain, and help kids better retain information. Research has shown that

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Stuffed Animal Drive

Time to clean out those extra snuggly friends!  The Summit is having a stuffed animal drive next week!    Each trimester Summit students will be hosting a service learning

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A Friday Picnic!

The weather was so lovely today that we decided to enjoy our lunch outside and have a picnic! We sat and chatted in the sunshine

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Math Skills Review First grade is beginning to settle into our routine, and with that comes new learning! But first, we are reviewing Kindergarten math skills to

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