Seminole of the Southeast

First grade students have learned about a second Native American tribe, the Seminole of the Southeast.  In our reading, we discovered the the Seminole were part

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Tuesday, December 19th

Last Day of School for 2017: Wednesday, December 20th Wednesday, December 20th, is The Summit’s last day of school before Winter Break. Students return to class

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With winter break quickly approaching, first grade students are nearly finished reviewing D’Nealian letter formation. Throughout the school year, students have been practicing one or

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Summit first graders are exploring temperature.  They are learning how to read a thermometer using degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius and comparing the two.  In addition to

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Make a Ten

This week, students practiced additional addition and subtraction strategies, including “make a ten.” Knowing how to make a ten is a fundamental skill to understanding

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Ending Blends

This week in spelling and word work, students will be introduced to ending blends.  Like beginning blends, ending blends, or clusters, consist of two or

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