Suffix -ed as /t/

This week we are examining the final suffix -ed pattern, in which the final ed makes the /t/ sound.  All of the root words in

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Last week’s JDRF kick off was a HUGE success.  $891.15 was raised for our school team through the sale of valentine treats and participation in

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Suffix -ed as /d/

This week we will once again be working with suffix -ed.  This time our pattern looks at words with -ll, -zz, and -pp-.  When adding

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Presidents’ Day

First graders have been getting ready for Presidents’ Day by learning about two great American presidents, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.  Students read about Abe

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Make a Ten

Math centers this week are focusing on one strategy, making a ten.  Knowing how to make ten is a fundamental skill when working with numbers

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Suffix ed

This week in spelling and word work first graders will be learning about suffix ed.  We will discuss how when something happened in the past

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JDRF Events

JDRF EVENTS The week of February 11 will be a Kick Off Week for JDRF.  The events are as follows: Wear Jeans Week, all week for $5

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Students have worked diligently over the past couple of months to increase their number knowledge .  Through numerous games and online resources, first graders have

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