Winter Break Ideas

First graders brainstormed a list of ideas for learning over winter break. IXL Math RAZ Kids read books from your shelves visit the library keep

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Community Service

The Summit coin and food drives end tomorrow!  Please drop donations off in the lobby.  Thank you for your support. Change Drive for City Vet

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Winter Holidays

First graders have been learning about national holidays throughout the school year.  With winter break approaching, we’ve been discussing the difference between national holidays and

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Quotation Marks

What better week to introduce quotation marks than our week focusing on qu!  Today, through read aloud, we pointed out quotation marks, explaining how they

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Place Value

Deepening our sense of numbers, first graders are learning about the relationship between numbers and place value.  Place value is the value of a digit

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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell, the first famous inventor we have learned about, was introduced this week as students worked in pairs to partner read biographical text.

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Inclined Plane

Inclined Planes to the Resuce by Sharon Thales introduced students to the first of six simple machines we will be learning about this trimester.  Simple

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Digraph ph

What sound does ph make? It says /f/.  First graders are practicing this phonetic rule in spelling.  Working as a class we brainstormed words with

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Book Fair

A special thank you to each of the first grade families who donated books from the Scholastic Book Fair to our classroom library. We have

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