Graduation Requirements

The Summit Preparatory School

Graduation Requirements & Courses

28 Credits Required to Graduate


4 Credits English 4 Credits History/Social Sciences
English I, English II, English III, English IV,
Literature (Utopian/ Dystopian, African American, Women’s, British)
United States History*, World History,
Political Science*, Local & State History         

*Dual Credit

4 Credits Science 4 Credits Mathematics
Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Geology,  Algebra I, Algebra II, Statistics & Probability,
Data Science I, Data Science II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, Calculus
2 Credits Foreign Language
Spanish I, Spanish II, *Advanced Spanish as needed
Additional Languages allowed – ask for more info

Electives vary by year and are created through a combination of student interest,
faculty, and scheduling availability. 

1 Fine Art 1 Practical Art
All  Stars, Art Consumer Science, Computer Science Principles, Culinary Arts
1 Credit Physical Education 0.5 Personal Finance
Personal Fitness, Yoga, Physical Education, MSHSAA Athletics or other competitive sports Personal Finance
0.5 Health and Wellness >6 Other Electives
Health & Wellness
(includes CPR and First Aid Training)
Service Learning, Internship, STEM, Current Events, Entrepreneurship, Photojournalism, Cultural Studies, Stock Market Games, Literature & Film, Video Newsblast

High School Credit Policy

Course Levels and Credits

All classes at The Summit are assumed to be offered at an Honors level or above.  Academic classes are primarily 0.5 credit per semester.  Exceptions are communicated to students and families prior to the start date of each class.


Transfer Credit Policy

Academic credit for a course or activity completed outside of The Summit may be awarded credit and recognized on a student’s transcript when:

  1. The course is offered by an accredited and verifiable institution.
  2. The activity requires significant time and effort on the part of the student (equivalent to the workload of a typical Summit academic class).


Courses taken outside of The Summit for academic credit where The Summit faculty is not involved in assessing the student’s performance will be reflected as Pass/Fail on the student’s progress report and transcript and will not be factored into the student’s GPA.  The decision to award academic credit for a course or activity taken outside of The Summit will be at the discretion of The Summit High School faculty and administration. Receiving credit for a course or activity outside of The Summit requires approval from administration, documentation and certificate of completion on file. Proof of completion is required before credit is awarded on a student’s transcript.  


Co-Curricular Experiences (not required)

  • Official team and individual athletic activities offered to Summit students through The Summit or a Summit cooperative agreement may be awarded a PE credit (maximum 4 PE credits for sports).
  • Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Music activities that involve significant time and effort (equivalent to the workload of a Summit course) may be awarded an equivalent credit. 
  • Sanctioned athletic activities such as team and individual sports played at a level equivalent to a high school sport may be awarded a PE credit.
  • Internship and Service Learning: To include but not limited to activities and projects primarily focused on practical, on-the-job learning (ie. internships or other career or passion oriented practical experiences) and service learning and volunteer activities. 


Dual-Credit and College Credit Transfer

Dual-Credit courses offered as part of The Summit’s course offerings and utilizing a teacher selected by The Summit will be graded and counted towards a student’s GPA.  Dual-Credit status will be noted on the student’s transcript.  The use of a split grading scale for dual credit classes (one for dual credit students and one for non-dual credit students) is at the discretion of the course instructor.  Courses taken at a college or university for college credit may be awarded an equivalent academic credit and can be used towards fulfilling the graduation requirements. 


Grading and Grade Point Average

  • GPA will be factored using the end of the year grade for courses taken at The Summit.
  • GPA will be factored using core courses( English, Social Studies, Science, Math, Spanish).
  • Pass/Fail will be used for elective courses or from the following categories: Fine Arts, Practical Arts and/or Internship and Service Learning. 
  • The Summit does not calculate Class Rank.
  • The Summit does not award Valedictorian, Dean’s List, Honor Roll, or other individual academic honors.