Ryleigh and Greta led our last book club today. Their selection, Oodlethunks, Oona Finds an Egg, was a hit and EVERY fourth grader read the book! It was a fun, light read that was perfect for our last book club of fourth grade. I am so appreciative of parents for making sure their child had access to our book club selections this year. It’s a great way to ensure that your child always has a book to read. Daily reading is so important, but even more important over the summer vacation. Don’t forget to check into the Springfield-Greene County Library summer reading program! Summer is also the perfect opportunity to read aloud the first book in a series. Hopefully, that will spark an interest and your child will want to continue the series.

Today, we also had our last Mystery Reader. I really wanted to skip the book and just ask about her clues! Do you know who this is? I used to set fires for a living. I have come face to face with a bear in the woods. I play the mandolin. I know the names of almost all the plants in Missouri. The kids knew immediately that it was Eli’s mom, Dana. Do your kids want to know more? Dana’s teaching a summer class at The Summit and I’m hoping there isn’t an age limit because I really want to attend!

We have had so many wonderful Mystery Readers this year. Children love to have their parents/grandparents/siblings, etc. come to school! Thank you to all this year’s MR!

Each student is doing a state report. Their research includes drawing the state bird and state flower, finding the state nickname, learning what people from the state are called, describing the climate and finding other fascinating facts. I’m hoping we will have time for everyone to share their information with the class.

Ryleigh’s mom was our Mystery Reader today. She chose In the Dark, from the beloved Berenstain Bears series to read because she loved the books as a child.

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Students had such a fun time bowling at Andy B’s yesterday. They also enjoyed having Mrs. Teed back as their P.E. teacher.


Olivia’s grandfather was yesterday’s Mystery Reader. He shared Jabberwocky,  Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical poem. Next, he read an excerpt from Old Yeller which sparked a very interesting conversation about rabies! We did some research and learned that rabies is only spread among mammals which prompted the question, can whales get rabies? Expect some questions at home about this deadly disease!

Beck’s sister Charlotte was our Mystery Reader on Wednesday. She was quite a hit reading Betty Bunny Didn’t Do It to students. We were all laughing at Betty’s antics. Charlotte’s theater skills were evident as she read with great expression. I’ve already ordered this book for my great nephews. If you are in need of a gift for a young child, this book is it!

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Fourth graders did a wonderful job sharing their learning with a reader’s theater about the three branches of government and singing This Land is Your Land and Tour of the States at our parent celebration and Grandparents’ Day. Students shared their biomes project, scrapbook pages of our ‘stops’ in the U.S., and their Science Fair boards. Thanks to everyone for joining us! The children love having parents and grandparents visit at school!

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Our last fourth grade field trip could not have been better! The students were great on the bus ride, enjoyed lots of amazing art, and everyone enjoyed an ice cream treat on the Bentonville square. Even the weather cooperated with the rain holding off until we were all loaded on the bus and headed back to school.  A BIG thank you to all the parents that attended and helped keep track of students during our museum visit. It made keeping track of eighteen students very easy!

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Congratulations to the following Science Fair project winners! Beck received first place for his project titled Speed Limit. His hypothesis was I believe that due to friction, cars will move faster on smooth surfaces.” Molly’s 2nd place winner was called Trash Talk. She tested several different trash bags to see which brand holds the most weight. Brody tested several different golf balls to see which has the highest bounce. Bouncy Balls was the 3rd place winner. All the science fair boards will be on display next week for our Parent Celebration and Grandparents’ Day.

Each student’s project was scored by six to eight Summit high school students. The scores were averaged and Beck, Molly, and Brody had the highest scores in fourth grade. These three students were questioned about their projects by the high school students who determined which student received first, second, and third place.

Darla surprised our class this week as a Mystery Reader. Her clues stumped the class: I can go very high (referring to her singing voice, but the students were thinking a pilot) and To get to where I live, you have to cross the Delaware (street, not river). Darla’s background in theater was very evident as she read Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake with lots of expression and enthusiasm.

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Students had such fun today in P.E. with parachute games. It was the final P.E. day with Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Teed will return from maternity leave for the last two weeks of school.

We had visitors from the Springfield-Greene County Library to explain their summer reading program. It sounds awesome, and I would encourage you to let your child participate. Students can give you all the information about signing up.

We had our April Book Club on Tuesday. In addition to using questions for a discussion of the book, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Olivia and Mason made a Kahoot! game about the book. They did a great job!

Our May book club will be on the 14th. Ryleigh and Greta have chosen The Oodlethunks, Oona Finds an Egg by Adele Griffin. It looks like it will be a quick read, so hopefully we’ll have time to share library copies.

Hooray! All science fair boards are complete, and students have done a great job. They will be judged next week by Middle School/High School students and on display for Grandparents Day (May 7) and our 3rd Trimester Parent Celebration (date tba).

Students have been busy formatting their science fair information into a google doc. It would be a HUGE help if you could assist your student in editing their work. In order to complete the boards at school, all information needs to be completed, edited, and ready to print by Friday, April 12. The information should include a title, problem (question), hypothesis, materials, procedures, data, variables (independent, dependent, controlled), and conclusion. Photographs are appropriate as long as they don’t identify the scientist.
Book club is next Tuesday!  Students should be reading nightly (20-30 minutes) and the book club selection is a great way to accomplish this. Here’s an article, The magic of 15 minutes: Reading practice and reading growth that cites research showing 15 minutes of reading is the “magic number” at which students start showing positive gains in reading achievement.
Because of this week’s ERB testing, students do not have a list of vocabulary/spelling words. In order to make the testing as stress free as possible, we will have extended recess time and extra snacks.