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Science Update

This is our last week of science fun! Middle School: Students, after learning about the properties of waves and the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, have been asked to look into 4G vs 5G. Why? Because cellphones are the most

Coming Up in Math with Mrs. B

Happy Monday! Today kicks off the start of the last full week of academics, can you believe it?! Work plans for the week have been posted in Classroom. As you’ll notice, the work plans are designed for all assignments to

High School English: It’s the Final Countdown

High school English students are entering the final leg of our argument research and writing unit. They completed extended outlines last week, and many have already begun implementing my feedback in their essay drafting. Essays are due Friday, May 8th

Electives Update

Photo Journalism The photo journalism team is nearly done with the 2019-20 yearbook! Although we won’t have an in-person signing party before the school year is over, TreeRing allows students to add electronic signatures to each other’s books. This can

Social Studies this Week

Middle school students did a great job with their creative projects last week. I loved seeing the photos and slideshows they put together to share their learning! This week, students are learning about the tumultuous end of the 1960s, Vietnam,

6th Grade Math This Week

6th Graders are wrapping up their study of statistics this week and next by developing their own questions that generate categorical and numerical data. They will be collecting data from their classmates, friends, and family in a variety of ways.

Science Update 4/27/20 – 5/1/20

Middle School: Students will be learning about the electromagnetic spectrum and how the different parts of the spectrum are utilized today with modern technology. Questions/Conversation Starters: What is amplitude, frequency, and wavelength? How do cellphones use the electromagnetic spectrum? What

This Week in Math with Mrs. B

Good Monday morning! In honor of Grandfriends Day, I encourage students to take Tuesday off. However, should students want to challenge their grandfriends to an in-person or virtual Game of Hex, details are posted in Classroom. Here’s what’s coming up

HS English: From Research to Writing

This week, high school English students move from the argument research process to the writing process. Yesterday, I posted an early-access look at our work for this week: the Extended Outline. Within the assignment is a video lesson of me

MS LA: It’s Passion Project Presentation Week!

Last week, middle schoolers had the week to create final Passion Project products. This week is the one we’ve been waiting for: presentation week. I can’t tell you how excited I am to view student presentations. Moreover, though, I’m excited