Summit first graders are exploring temperature.  They are learning how to read a thermometer using degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius and comparing the two.  In addition to learning how to read a thermometer, students are finding out how hot or cold something is, the boiling and freezing point of water, body temperature, and room temperature.  Each day, we are looking up the temperature and recording it on our thermometers.  We are making comparisons among daily temperatures as well as temperatures throughout the day.  We have discussed how temperature influences what you choose to wear and how the sun and its position impacts temperature.  Later this week, we’ll attempt to make our own thermometers!

Interested in at home extensions, try to answer the following:

  •  Where is the hottest or coldest place on Earth?  Would you like to visit there?  Why or why not?  What would you bring?  How do living creatures survive there?
  • What’s the hottest or coldest temperature ever recorded on each continent?
  • What is the hottest and coldest temperature ever recorded in our community?  How long ago was it recorded?


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