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Families might choose to enroll their children in a private or independent school education setting for a variety of personal and philosophical reasons. If you are looking for a truly progressive learning environment that benefits from small class sizes and that strives to cultivate each student’s ability to think critically and adapt quickly, we invite you to learn more about our school by contacting us to schedule a tour.

Watch the video below to see why our families, students, and faculty love The Summit!

Rachel Gerken – Summit Parent (0:00)
Some of the things we love the most about The Summit are: the small class sizes, the progressive educational programming, just the friendly environment that we get from the moment you walk in the front door.

Dr. Katie Heet – Head of School (0:11)
So, as an independent school, we really operate ‘independently.’ We’re structured as a nonprofit. We’re accredited through ISACS, which is the Independent School Association of the Central States, and through that, we really get to develop our own curriculum, our own educational goals, and live out the mission of The Summit.

Rob Powers – Science Faculty (0:26)
At The Summit, teachers are the captains of their own ship. They get to really explore with their students. [It’s] a place where teachers can be creative. Teachers get to come up with wonderful curricula and lesson plans that can take students places where you couldn’t really go in another setting.

Will Beall – 7th Grade (0:42)
I’ve always been involved in the math competitions and extracurricular math. I was also involved with the Lego Robotics team, and we went to a couple competitions there.

Dr. Katie Heet – Head of School (0:54)
We’re really looking for kids who are intrinsically motivated. Kids who are willing to tackle problems, kids who are willing to think creatively, willing to work with one another and collaborate.

Rob Powers – Science Faculty (1:03)
Here you see students in small groups, learning things together. You see them all interacting together in meaningful ways. You see in the high school, for example, we have freshmen on up to seniors, of course, and the seniors are very involved with the freshmen. That’s not always the case, in a high school setting.

Rachel Gerken – Summit Parent (1:21)
We’ve seen an abundant amount of growth in our children since they first enrolled at The Summit. Our son is just excited to come to school every day, and he can’t wait to tell us about all the new things that he’s learned. Our daughter is learning well beyond her grade level.

Dr. Katie Heet – Head of School (1:37)
“Progressive education” really can be defined in a lot of ways, and it’s not a new term, but I think at The Summit, the best way to describe that is ‘student-directed’ and ‘student-led.’ Here, it’s about what they’re interested in learning and sparking their curiosity. They’re really a part of the learning process. It’s not just teaching to a curriculum or a text, but it’s finding out what they want to know and helping them to accomplish their goals.

Will Beall – 7th Grade (2:00)
I want to be a physicist or an engineer. That’s probably what I want to study in college. The Summit has really helped with that with all the hands-on opportunities.

Rob Powers – Science Faculty (2:10)
I love the energy here. I love that, because of the fun, because of the lightness, because of the diminished fear of failure, students are more willing to try things that they might not ever have tried before.

Dr. Katie Heet – Head of School (2:23)
The Summit is, hands down, the best place for education here in the Ozarks.

Jeff Gerken – Summit Parent (2:27)
The offerings of the school, the community, the environment, the engagement of the teachers. It’s all just been wonderful.

Rachel Gerken – Summit Parent (2:35)
Yeah, and I would just say if you’re looking for something different, if you’re looking for more out of your education, to come take a tour of the school. We were sold the minute we walked through the doors, and I think if you can come see what we’re all about, you’d be just as impressed.

Our 5 Step Application Process

Wondering when you can apply? At The Summit, we are always excited to meet and welcome new families, so we use a rolling admissions cycle where new students can apply at any time during the year.  

If you’re wondering how to apply and what you need to do to get your application ready, our 5-step application process helps give us a broad understanding of each candidate’s unique considerations. Here’s what to expect during this process: 

1. Complete our online application and pay the $75 application fee.

2. The Summit will request teacher reference(s) and transcripts for those candidates who have previously attended a school, preschool, or daycare.

3. After official records are received, the Candidate will be evaluated over two days consisting of both a social visit and an age-appropriate academic screening.

4. A family interview will be scheduled for the parent(s)/guardian(s) during screening time.

5. Following a formal admission offer from The Summit, parent(s)/guardian(s) will respond with a completed enrollment contract, Family Commitment Document, and tuition deposit to secure their student’s space in the class.*

*Space in the classroom is not guaranteed if the enrollment contract, Family Commitment Document, and/or tuition deposit are returned past the deadline (typically within 10 days).

No person shall, on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability/handicap, or religion, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in admission to the school’s educational programs, activities, and services, and in employment opportunities.

Why Choose an Independent School?

Individual attention. Close, inclusive culture. Deeper learning. There are so many benefits to choosing an independent education at any grade level. As a private school, The Summit can offer a more individualized academic experience, including smaller class sizes, independent curriculum, and progressive approaches to education. Independent schools offer unique learning opportunities for students and a close-knit, supportive community that you may not find in other schools. See answers to some of the most frequent questions asked by parents by clicking on the article below, from our Trending in Education blog

Small, Independent, Progressive: Why Choose an Independent School?

Selecting a private school for your child can be a daunting task for parents given the variety of options and educational philosophies to consider, including independent, parochial, laboratory, charter, Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, and more. Springfield, Missouri offers several private education opportunities with The Summit serving as the only fully-accredited independent school offering five days of seated instruction...

Have an Elementary, Middle, or High School International Student?

The Summit is currently accepting students with J-1 or F-1 visas for enrollment. For more information, and to start the application and admissions process for your international student, please contact us using the form below.

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We’re ready to welcome you and your student into The Summit Preparatory School family. If you’re ready to be part of a supportive, independent academic setting focused on lifelong learning and success, schedule a tour with us today. We’d also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have through the contact form below.

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