College Counseling

Preparing Life-Long Learners

At The Summit Preparatory School, we see things differently. As a fully accredited
independent school, our teachers have the freedom to develop an integrated, hands-on curriculum that reflects constant evolutions in technology and culture. Instead of teaching to a test, we teach to a vision: to prepare life-long learners.

By developing the skills of curiosity, creativity and critical-thinking, our students look at challenges from a higher perspective—one that considers content in context, and challenges them to not just have the right answers, but also to ask the right questions.

College Credit

Dual Credit and Dual Enrollment The Summit offers reimbursement to high school families if their student chooses to take college/university level courses. Faculty and administration recognize the benefits students receive when they participate in college level courses prior to graduation and seek to offer support to families if they choose to pursue these opportunities. High school students may elect to take dual credit or dual enrollment courses. These are college level classes in which students will earn both high school and college credit. Summit families, click here to complete the Dual Credit and Enrollment reimbursement request.

  • DUAL CREDIT: These classes may be seated (taught by Summit faculty on Summit campus) or online (taught by university instructors). A selection of online courses are available through local colleges and universities, typically at a much more reduced rate than dual enrollment classes.
  • DUAL ENROLLMENT: These classes (seated or online) are taught by college or university instructors and typically cost the equivalent of what other college students will pay for each of their courses.

Missouri Seal of Biliteracy – All Summit students who can demonstrate proficiency in 2 or more languages will have the opportunity to earn the Missouri Seal of Biliteracy or the Distinguished Missouri Seal of Biliteracy.  All students in 11th or 12th grade are eligible and must complete The Summit’s requirements before the end of their senior year.

Summit Graduation Requirements

28 credits

Mathematics, 4 credits

Science, 4 credits

English, 4 credits

History/Social Studies, 4 credits

Foreign Language, 2 credits

Fine Art, 1 credit

Practical Art, 1 credit

Physical Education, 1 credit

Health & Wellness, 0.5 credit

Personal Finance, 0.5 credit

Electives, 6 credits

As part of their transcript, Summit high schoolers are encouraged to take college/university courses. The Summit Class of 2022 graduated with an average of 10 college credits on their high school transcript.

Preparing for Graduation

During a student’s four year tenure in The Summit’s High School Program, they will work with The Summit Guidance Counselor to prepare for their plans after high school graduation. Listed below are some of the key areas of focus during a student’s high school career.

High School Community Programs and Opportunities

Springfield is fortunate to have robust opportunities and programs for high school students. Listed below are some of the programs high schoolers have been involved with during their time at The Summit. This is not a comprehensive list.


Open to high school juniors and seniors
Strands include: Medicine and Health Care, Business and Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Manufacturing.
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Leadership Springfield, Academy Class

Open to high school juniors
Students experience firsthand how leaders work together to structure and influence the community around them
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Missouri Girls State

Open to high schoolers, summer after their junior year
The purpose is to promote pride in America and to create a mythical state that the citizens will govern at the city, county, and state level.
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Missouri Boys State

Open to high schoolers, summer after their junior year
The American Legion Boys State of Missouri is an eight-day hands on experience in the operation and fundamentals of government.
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Internships & Community Service

Open to all high schoolers
Summit high school students are encouraged to complete at least one year of internship or volunteer service.
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Open to high school juniors
Designed to prepare students to turn their career and life aspirations into reality.
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CoxHealth Medical Explorers

Ages 15 - 20
This program is a rewarding, non-traditional educational avenue for students trying to decide if a health care career fits into their future.
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OTC Career Center

Open to high school juniors and seniors
Prepare for a community college or four-year university, and develop skills needed in today’s global economy and workforce.
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