The Summit’s music program is designed to provide each student with the tools and experiences necessary to be lifelong participants in and creators of music. Students at all levels are exposed to ear training, movement, written music, and the vocabulary of music with a purposeful emphasis on the skills necessary to pursue music on their own. 

Summit students are introduced to many avenues of music enjoyment and participation. All students move and dance, sing traditional choral works as well as karaoke, play keyboards individually and in ensemble, explore wind instruments via soprano and alto recorder, and explore shakers, handbells, and rudimental snare. Students are introduced to basic sound reinforcement, useful music theory concepts, and music composition and transcription. Each aspect of the program reinforces active listening, audiation, literacy, terminology, individual practice, ensemble work ethic, and growth mindset that foster lifelong music making.

The Summit has a strong commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration. Students participate in vocal music of various cultures, with emphasis placed on selections that reinforce classroom learning. The Summit’s all-school concert provides Summit students experience in ensemble musical performance and participation. Concerts are designed to include pieces that enable students to be accompanied by other student ensembles whenever possible.

Music Program Highlights & Traditions

  • School Concerts
  • All-Stars High School Band, audition only
  • Springfield Symphony Orchestra’s Young People’s Concert
  • Drury University’s annual performance of Peter and the Wolf
  • Instrumental & Composition Competitions

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