Outdoor Education

Beginning in Fall 2024, The Summit Preparatory School will enrich its curriculum with a new Outdoor Education Program, adding a vibrant dimension to our specials programming. This initiative aligns perfectly with our commitment to a well-rounded education that not only focuses on academics but also emphasizes holistic student development.

Leading this new adventure is Elise Bowsher, our newly appointed Outdoor Education Specialist. Ms. Bowsher comes to us with extensive experience in STEM and outdoor learning, bringing a deep passion for environmental education and a wealth of knowledge that will greatly benefit our students.

Ms. Bowsher says, “The Outdoor Education Program will seek to expand hands-on opportunities for students to engage with the natural world, cultivate a deep appreciation for the environment, and develop essential life skills. The curriculum will integrate outdoor activities, environmental science, and teamwork to empower students’ in becoming confident and environmentally conscious individuals.”

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