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Our Philosophy of Education

Adopting a progressive approach, The Summit Preparatory School provides a supportive academic environment with a challenging curriculum that sparks the joy of learning in all students. Emphasizing academic excellence, our programs ensure students develop critical thinking skills and achieve high academic standards through hands-on, project-based learning. This approach integrates modern technology to enhance educational experiences and outcomes.

Aligned with the whole child approach, The Summit fosters a nurturing atmosphere where students’ creativity and curiosity are encouraged. Our educational programs are tailored to support the development of each student’s character and responsible citizenship. By emphasizing ethical and socially responsible values, we help students grow into well-rounded individuals who are prepared for the challenges of the future.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of The Summit’s philosophy. We believe in the power of collaboration and communication, not only within the classroom but also extending to the broader community. By engaging students with their peers and the community, we promote a sense of ownership and responsibility. This community-centered approach cultivates a growth mindset, encouraging students to become lifelong learners who contribute positively to society.

Through this holistic framework—encompassing academic excellence, the whole child approach, and community engagement—The Summit Preparatory School is dedicated to preparing students for success both in school and in life.

What Makes Our Classrooms Different

At The Summit, students thrive in safe and supportive classrooms designed with flexible seating and collaborative workspaces. This dynamic environment allows for both individual focus and group interaction, fostering a sense of community and respect. Teachers at The Summit are experts in their fields who craft an integrated curriculum, engaging students in deeper subject knowledge by seamlessly blending various disciplines.

Our highly-qualified faculty embrace the idea of learning by doing, offering an individualized approach that adjusts coursework and pacing to challenge and support each student. This personalized attention ensures that every student feels both encouraged and capable of reaching their full potential.

Small class sizes enable teachers to understand each student’s strengths and opportunities for growth, allowing for tailored instruction that meets individual needs. The open classroom environment facilitates flexible use of space, promoting collaboration and interaction across different grade levels.

Classrooms at The Summit are welcoming and safe, operating as communities where every student is valued and respected. Through a well-rounded and deliberate education of the whole child, students develop their social-emotional intelligence, character, and sense of community. This holistic approach ensures that students are not only academically prepared but also socially and emotionally equipped to succeed in a diverse and interconnected world.

How We Embrace Diversity and Inclusion

The foundation of a strong, competent, compassionate community is diversity. The Summit embraces racial, religious, economic, and cultural diversity within the school community by celebrating different backgrounds, voices, and talents. Teachers and students alike are encouraged to engage in conversations that honor and respect individual experiences and cultural backgrounds, creating a classroom atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard.

Through inquiry-based learning, students can take responsibility for their own personal growth and become active participants in their school, local, and global communities. This approach promotes respectful discourse by encouraging students to ask questions, seek answers collaboratively, and listen to diverse perspectives. By fostering an environment where every question is valued and every voice is heard, students learn to appreciate and respect differing viewpoints.

Students engage in daily Spanish instruction and conversation, while learning about world cultures to better understand the roots of their own heritage and the traditions of others. This linguistic and cultural immersion promotes respect and understanding, as students learn to appreciate the rich tapestry of global traditions and the unique stories of their peers.

Field trips and community engagement provide experiential learning that connects students to the Springfield, MO community, its history, and local organizations. These experiences are crucial in teaching students the importance of community involvement and respect for local traditions and histories. By participating in these activities, students learn to interact respectfully and thoughtfully with community members, understanding the impact of their actions on the wider community.

These experiences enhance learning, encourage students’ project development, and expand the educational experience beyond the classroom walls. The Summit uses these dynamic strategies to encourage collaboration, growth, and discovery. This holistic approach ensures that students are not only academically prepared but also socially and emotionally equipped to engage respectfully and constructively in diverse settings. By integrating these principles into daily instruction and activities, The Summit effectively models and promotes a culture of respect and inclusivity, ensuring that all students are respected within their classrooms and beyond as they prepare to become global citizens.

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