Academic Environment and Curriculum

The Summit’s Philosophy of Education

Adopting a progressive approach, The Summit Preparatory School provides a supportive academic environment with a challenging curriculum that sparks the joy of learning in all students. Students learn valuable skills through hands-on, project-based learning while using and integrating modern technology and its educational benefits into their academic endeavors.

Students develop critical thinking skills and engage with other students through communication and collaboration. Our tailored educational programs at The Summit support students’ creativity and curiosity; and the ethically, socially responsible driven curriculum encourages students’ development of character and responsible citizenship. These progressive values, along with student ownership and responsibility, are essential for student success and foster a growth mindset that encourages lifelong learning.

About Our Faculty and Classroom Environments

At The Summit, students learn in a collaborative classroom environment with teachers who are experts in their fields. Our highly-qualified faculty craft an integrated curriculum that engages students in deeper subject knowledge. With an individualized approach, The Summit community embraces the idea of learning by doing. Within each instructor’s established curricular framework, students experience individualized coursework and pacing. The curriculum is adjusted so that each student feels challenged and supported.

Small class sizes enable faculty to know each student’s strengths and opportunities for growth. An open classroom environment supports flexible use of space and collaboration across grade levels.

Classes are welcoming, safe, and operate as a community in which each student is valued and respected. Through well-rounded, deliberate education of the whole child, students at all ages develop their social-emotional intelligence, character, and sense of community within our private school. 

For Parents

The Summit welcomes parents as active participants in the learning community. Parents foster learning at home by reinforcing classroom concepts and supporting curricular experiences. The parents and guardians of our students are as much a part of The Summit community as our students, alumni, and faculty. The Summit is here to support parents in their children’s educational growth. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Through inquiry-based learning, students can also take responsibility for their own personal growth and become active participants in their school, local, and global communities. The foundation of a strong, competent, compassionate community is diversity. The Summit embraces racial, religious, economic, and cultural diversity within the school community by celebrating different backgrounds, voices, and talents.

Students engage in daily Spanish instruction and conversation, while learning about world cultures to better understand the roots of their own heritage and the traditions of others. Field trips and community engagement provide experiential learning. This connects students to the Springfield, MO community, its history, and local organizations. These experiences enhance learning, encourage students’ project development, and expand the educational experience beyond the classroom walls. The Summit uses these dynamic strategies to encourage collaboration, growth, and discovery. 

Learning Beyond the Classroom

As both scholars and citizens, students of The Summit grow with the modern skills necessary for true success within and outside the classroom. These skills range from effective communication to proficiency in technology to being a responsible citizen.

Along with academic learning, the environment at The Summit fosters creativity, curiosity, and social responsibility. An independent, private school education from The Summit is more than just a diploma. The lifelong passion for learning we encourage at The Summit transfers over into every facet of life just as much as it does in a student’s academic work.

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