At The Summit, students learn to see the value of art as it relates to the historical and cultural aspects of the world’s global community. Self-expression through art builds self-confidence and provides an avenue for continued personal growth. Students are encouraged to view art as an extension of their ability to create meaningful connections to their own ideas and as a way of conveying those ideas to others. In art classes, the elements and principles of design are used as a framework for skills being taught. Self-expression is encouraged and guided to meet students’ individual needs.

The study of art connects students to the world around them. Historical and multicultural global studies art projects are taught at each grade level. This method of teaching art provides an opportunity for students to compare and contrast the art of different time periods and regions around the world and allows students to see how the arts are influenced by the historical and cultural development of each country.

Through collaborative efforts with classroom teachers, interdisciplinary projects are developed enabling students to use the information that they have studied in their grade level curriculum. They learn that visual symbols represent connections to the historical and cultural context of global studies. Students are encouraged to problem solve using critical thinking skills and are encouraged to experiment with different artistic methods and media to achieve their own unique forms of self-expression. Individualized instruction guides students in becoming independent thinkers with the selfconfidence to take artistic risks and make educated choices.

Art Program Highlights & Traditions

  • All School Art Exhibition at the Springfield Art Museum
  • Crystal Bridges Art Museum Field Trip
  • Art Contests & Student Exhibitions
  • Art to Remember

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