Physical Education & Yoga

The Summit’s physical education and wellness program promotes a positive learning environment while encouraging students to maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

In Lower School, students focus on developing important social skills (taking turns, sharing, following directions, etc.) and foundational gross motor and movement skills. These skills include various types of locomotion, balance, spatial awareness, visual tracking, and eye-hand and eye-foot coordination which are developed through games and play. Students continue to build upon foundational skills at a level commensurate with their developmental stages.

In Upper School, greater emphasis is given to traditional team sports as experiences incorporate group games, both competitive and cooperative, and lifetime sports and activities. Healthy and active lifestyle choices are promoted while students develop a more physical and active skillset with positive social interaction. High school students may participate in physical education courses or earn credit through the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) interscholastic teams.

In addition to PE class, Summit students also participate in regular yoga classes with a registered yoga instructor. Early Learners through 5th Grade participate in yoga once weekly with daily mindfulness practices incorporated into the classroom while middle and high school students have a twiceweekly yoga elective option in addition to mindfulness opportunities in daily advisory.  

Physical Education Program Highlights & Traditions

  • MSHSAA Athletics & Activities 
  • Andy B’s Bowling Field Trip
  • My Hot Yoga Aerial Yoga Field Trip
  • Inner Explorer Mindfulness Practice

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