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Middle School

At The Summit, our Middle School program embraces the progressive tenets of 21st century learning, including critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, communication, collaboration, character, and citizenship. Students learn in a collaborative classroom environment with teachers who are experts in their fields. Our middle school faculty have over 50 years of combined experience in education and hold advanced degrees in teaching, STEM Education, American History, and mathematics as well as degrees in English, business, art, music, Spanish, and physical education.

Through deliberate education of the whole child and commitment to academic excellence, The Summit’s Middle School program challenges its students to become responsible researchers and respectful communicators. Students learn to evaluate sources of reliable information and engage in the exchange of diverse perspectives. The Middle School program embraces the idea of learning by doing with its progressive, inquiry-based model focused on student-led, project-based learning and a challenging, integrated curriculum. Through elective opportunities, students are able to choose hands-on coursework based on their interests, including explorations in STEM, culinary arts, theatre performance, and more. Field trips provide experiential learning connected to curricular content and embrace the Springfield community and its history through partnerships with local organizations. These experiences enhance learning and inform student-centered project development. Students practice leadership in and out of the classroom, and many choose to serve on the Student Council to enhance their Middle School experience.

Goals for Middle School Students

  • Embrace the Joy of Learning
  • Pursue Advanced Academic Challenges 
  • Enhance Skills in Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Creativity 
  • Increase Independence, Responsibility, and Self-Motivation
  • Demonstrate a Growth Mindset
  • Strengthen Social-Emotional Intelligences

Grade Levels


class size

Capped at 18

Class times

8:45 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.



Dress Code

Polo top with Summit logo and khaki or navy bottoms



ACT Average


Graduation Rate


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