Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff Directory

Staff Type

Katie Heet, Ed.D.

Head of School

Bethany Meads

Early Learners Faculty

Linda Michaliszyn

Early Learners Faculty

Halina West

Early Learners Assistant

Jennifer Luczywo

Kindergarten Faculty

Lanae Ursino

First Grade Faculty

Angie Collins

Second Grade Faculty

Jodi Schulze

Third Grade Faculty

Shelly Pollard

Fourth Grade Faculty

Blair Verney

Fifth Grade Faculty

Jordan Alexander

Upper School Language Arts Faculty

Anna Cook

Upper School Mathematics Faculty

Dawn Eckstein

Upper School Mathematics Faculty

Whitney Kelley

High School Biology Adjunct

Rob Powers

Upper School Science & STEM Faculty

Emma Smith

Upper School History Faculty

Miranda Bryant

Lower School STEM Coordinator

Meredith Taylor

Lower School Music Faculty

Tanner Munson

Middle School Music Faculty

Emma Souza

Spanish Faculty

Nathan Clutter

Spanish Faculty & Early Learners Assistant

Jeannine Dalton

Lower School Art Faculty

Emma Renfroe

Upper School Art Faculty

Kharja Teed

Physical Education Faculty

Adrienne Parnell

Yoga Elective Faculty

Dulsey Stewart

Yoga Elective Faculty

Marissa Bradley

Lower School Director

Becky Breckner, LPC

Guidance Counselor & International Admissions Officer

Linda Renfroe

Finance Officer

Amy Maas

Admissions & Communications Officer

Shelly Drymon

Development Officer

Whitney Wiese

Director of Administration

Mike Albert

Facilities Coordinator

Aaron Jones, Ed.D.

Athletic Director

Kendra Pickett


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