Literacy Stations

In first grade, we have been using literacy stations each day to grow students’ literacy skills. Students rotate between different stations each day. Check out the descriptions and pictures below to learn about our literacy stations!

Partner Read Station: Students work with the members of their reading group to read a book together. Students can alternate pages, or elect one group member to serve as “teacher” for the station.

RAZ Kids Station: RAZ Kids is an interactive and engaging program that students use to read books on their independent reading level. Students can select books that are of interest to them. They have the opportunity to read, listen to, and answer questions about each book.

Spelling Station: Students use this time to practice their spelling words. There are so many options for students to choose from! Some class favorites include writing their spelling words on our dry-erase tables, using letter stamps, and typing the words on a Google Doc!

Teacher Time Station: Students meet with the teacher for small group instruction. We practice word work, decoding skills, comprehension strategies, phonics skills and more.

Silent Reading Station: Students practice sustained silent reading by reading a book they have selected at their own reading level and interest. This helps students become independent readers and grow their love for reading!

Literacy Bins Station: Students practice hands-on activities that support the phonics skills they have learned in class. Activities include sound sorts, matching games, phonetic spelling pattern practice and all kinds of other activities.

Ask your student to share with you what their favorite literacy station is!

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