Candy Cane Bridges

Third grade students practiced their problem solving skills through a STEM challenge using candy canes! The class was split into 2 equal teams and were challenged to build a bridge that could hold an “I Survived” book! As they began they found some challenges with the desks they were building the bridges between. Group 1 had a wobbly desk and so they had to get creative to figure out how to not let the desk wobble, and Group 2 had one desk slightly higher than the other! The groups took a moment to think about how to overcome those challenges and did not let these challenges stop them!

They worked together as a team and practiced their listening and reasoning skills to determine how they could build a strong bridge over a six inch gap! Each team was successful and built bridges that did not just hold ONE “I Survived” book, but FIFTEEN “I Survived” books!!

The whole class was ecstatic about their achievements and so was I!


(Note about the picture: Group 1 wanted me to share that their books slid just as I was going to take their picture. They did have 15 books but gravity did it’s thing at the last minute! They were still so excited about their success and did not let gravity get them down!) 

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