Third Grade Update

The third graders did such an awesome job with their ladybug pictures. The transfomations from drawing a ladybug from memory, to learning from 2 different “experts” (video tutorial and “how-to” tutorial) , to finally creating one last ladybug, which implemented all the features they liked from their previous drawings and leaving out what they did not like. Having a Growth Mindset means that we understand that practice and reflection are a valuable way to make progress in whatever it is we do.

Today, the students did a really wonderful time with finding a variety of non-fiction text features from various sources, taking pictures of their examples, and uploading the pictures into a Google slide . We will continue to learn about more text features, tomorrow, in preparation for learning the “Elements of a Biography”, on Thursday.

I have really enjoyed the students. We have had some great class discussions, including the importance of having a healthy snack….please refrain from sending candy for a snack. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever need to:

Lastly, WELCOME JAXON! I am pleased to announce that we have a new student named Jaxon M. in our class. He has been a great addition to the Summit community.

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