Poli Sci

High school students in Political Science have been busy learning about public opinion, policy, and the media. Their most recent project was a research paper on a policy trend in the United States since 2000. Students researched and wrote persuasive essays on issues of immigration, social media, polarization, sanctuary cities, refugees, healthcare, defense spending, education, millennials trending toward socialism, Black Lives Matter, and the media. It was fascinating to read their takes on policy directions and see the wide breadth of sources they examined to come to their conclusions. Next week, we have a test over this section of class, and then we will move into Missouri’s government structure before wrapping up the year. And as always, students across the grade levels are staying up to date with current events, asking all sorts of questions and making awesome connections.

Below are some photos of High School playing Hail to the Chief, a game Mr. Keech found at a thrift store and brought in to share. This game is my new favorite, because it is such a fantastic explanation of the presidential election process. Students have to correctly answer questions about past presidents in order to advance around the board and earn delegate votes. When they have enough delegates, they move on to trivia about the states in order to earn the necessary delegates to win the presidency. And the second-place winner gets the Vice Presidency.

HS Hail to the Chief HSHailboard