Elective Update

Culinary Arts 

Students in culinary arts have done well on their presentations over the past few weeks. This project was wonderful practice for them to demonstrate responsibility, planning for various scenarios, making needed adjustments, and “teaching” the class how to make a certain item. Students on Monday baked cinnamon rolls from scratch, and it was most impressive! 

Digital Citizenship

Sixth grade students are continuing to practice the art of being good digital citizens. We’ve covered a broad array of topics so far, including smart digital practices and study habits. Most recently, we discussed good organization. On deck for next week are growth mindset and crafting SMART goals to provide guidance throughout the semester. 

Current Events

Students in current events took time yesterday to learn about news stories on various levels, including local, state, national, and global. The weather is always a point of conversation this time of year, but they also discovered some fascinating animal-related articles and some updates on national politics. Their excitement to discover what’s happening in the world has been fantastic.