Presentations and Papers in Language Arts

It’s been a busy time in Language Arts! 6th graders are finished with “The Outsiders” and are now working on their differentiated project that will be their final project for the year! Hard to believe we’re about to say goodbye to another school year. Time flies! I’m excited to see their creativity at work. 

7th and 8th grade researched a minority author of their choice and presented about them to the class. The presentations were well researched and informative. I was able to get the names of several authors I would like to read, and I hope that the rest of the class did as well. Pictures of the presentations are below. They have since moved on to their final project, a researched and documented persuasive paper about a topic of their choosing where they feel change is needed. I’m very curious to see where they go with their finished products. It has already led to some great class discussion and I don’t see that ending as they work through their thoughts and come up with new ideas and connections. 

High School has been hard at work on their final paper of the term, A compare/contrast essay about the books we read this year “The Great Gatsby” and “Passing.” That will serve as their final assessment for the year. They are exploring such themes as “love, marriage, and fidelity,” “The American Dream,” “Poverty vs. Wealth” and many more. 

Let’s finish the year strong!

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