Language Arts Presentations

Last week, prior to the inclement weather, middle school students prepared for their novel studies by doing presentations on some of the relevant background information surrounding the books. 

6th grade prepared to read “Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl” and 7th/8th prepared to read “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott. 

While not technically a novel as it is a work of non-fiction, “Anne Frank…” is an excellent, first hand account of a young girl trapped by hatred and fascism during World War II. Students prepared to start the book by researching some of the contributing factors that led to the Nazi takeover during the 30’s and 40’s including topics like: The Weimar Republic, Hitler’s rise to power, and anti-semitism in Europe at the time. Their presentations were informative and insightful and the information they presented will go a long way in helping them understand the events that Anne wrote about almost a century ago. 

7th/8th grade prepared by covering the author of “Little Women:” Louisa May Alcott. They examined her early life, her connections to society that aided in writing the novel, and her literary successes, among others. The information presented has already begun to deepen their understanding of the novel and it’s themes of kindness, gratitude, patience, priorities, compassion, and much more. 

All middle school began their books when presentations concluded and have been enjoying them due, in no small part, to their research on their different topics. 

We will continue to dig into these great works of art next week. 


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