Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals 

Percentages are everywhere! Sixth grade students are learning how to work with percentages in a variety of contexts, including sales, comparing amounts, and working towards a goal. Students work with different known values (percentage, part, or whole) to find the missing piece. Through repeated reasoning and pattern recognition, students discovered shortcuts that work every time.

Integrated Math

Integrated Math students have been studying scale copies. They made observations and drew conclusions related to corresponding parts as well as scale factor. Working with scaled copies by hand, on the computer, and with manipulatives gave them a chance to refine and apply their learning. They used this knowledge to work with scale drawings.  

Foundations for Algebra 

This week students have worked intensively with integer operations. These operational properties and rules will apply when we focus on fractions and decimals in algebraic contexts. Confidence with these topics will help students experience success in Algebra and beyond. 

Algebra I

Algebra 1 students completed a study of one-variable statistics. They reviewed mean, median, range, and learned about standard deviation. They learned how to make data displays including line graphs, histograms, and box plots. As they began to analyze data for trends and conclusions, they created their own data sets by flying paper airplanes both inside and outside. Using formulas in google sheets, they recorded their data and created data displays.

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