Middle School Mathematics

As we are nearing the midpoint of the school year, math students often feel the pressure of increasing complexity and difficulty in math concepts. With that in mind, here are some math resources students and families might consider for boosting confidence and proficiency: 



All Summit Upper School students have access to IXL instructional and practice materials. There are lessons and videos to get a new perspective on concepts being taught in class. When working on practice problems, students receive immediate feedback and detailed solutions with explanations. Teachers make recommendations based on concepts being taught in class and individual student needs. 


Khan Academy 

The breadth of content in Khan Academy can be overwhelming. However, the site is broken down into courses, and content is easily searchable as well. We also have provided links below by course. 


Google Classroom 

Depending on the course, some notes and resources are available in Google Classroom. Students sometimes overlook the Classwork tab and instead try to locate information in the “Stream”. The Classwork tab houses all the information in an organized format. 


Online Resources by Class: 


Math Fundamentals


Integrated Math


Foundations for Algebra


Algebra I

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