Updates from the Art Room!

Early Learners -1st grade listened to the book The Color Monster by Anna Lienas.  They drew their own color monster and could paint their monster expressing feelings through color.  2nd and 3rd graders learned about Ton Schulten, a Dutch painter who mainly paints landscapes using bright blocks of color. He graduated from Enschede Academy for Art and Industry in 1962 as a graphic designer and worked in advertising.  His style would be considered contemporary.  Students drew their neighborhood or an imaginary neighborhood and started painting in the style of bright blocks of color.  Some of the Thank You X cubes are on display in the hallway next to the art room.


4th- 6th Grade have been working diligently at their grid drawings. Did you know have been used as drawing guides for centuries?

Upper School has been making Alexander Calder inspired mobiles with found objects. Their challenge is to create a mobile that can have any visual appearance they like, but must balance and be capable of movement while hanging.


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