Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals – Sixth grade mathematicians are learning about percentages. We started this learning with relating percentages to fractions, and discussing some strategies for using mental math and benchmark percentages (10%, 20%, 25%, 50%, etc). This could be a great discussion if you are shopping the sales over break. Have your sixth grader determine the savings for those awesome deals! 

Integrated Math – Students have been studying tape diagrams and equations and how they relate to real-life scenarios. Then they worked on developing solutions that made sense in light of the diagrams and equations. Here is more information about this topic. Students recently took an assessment over this topic and then did a brief review of operations with integers. Their next unit will use the same skills in the context of inequalities. 

Algebra I – Last week students worked on their major assessment for the semester over Linear Equations. After reflecting on their learning students did a quick dive into two-way tables and relative frequency tables. They learned about how to calculate percentages of the whole as well as among certain groups. It took a great deal of reading for detail and paying close attention to the raw data in order to determine if associations could be established. Here is a brief guide to two-way tables.

Geometry – We have started our third unit in Geometry. This unit will use all the work we did with congruency to understand similarity. Students are gaining confidence in developing clear and complete lines of reasoning.

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