Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals – This week sixth graders took a self-paced approach to learning about mean and mean absolute deviation. We are studying measures of center and variability. Measures of center, like mean, median, and mode, help us understand the “typical” or “average” for a set of data. Measures of variability, like range and mean absolute deviation, help us understand the spread or differences within the data set.

Integrated Math – In working with volume, surface area, and missing dimensions, students have encountered some challenging concepts that require application of knowledge learned earlier in the year. Putting these things all together has taken longer than expected, so the check your understanding has been pushed back to give students more time to feel very confident in these new skills. They will continue refining and mastering their skills over the next few days in preparation to show what they know next week in a formalized assessment. They have pushed through difficulty and shown off growth mindsets in a big way this week.

Algebra 1 – Students have worked with solving quadratic equations this week by taking square roots, factoring, completing the square, and using the quadratic formula. The skills they have previously learned are enabling them to determine exact answers to quadratic equations. They have spent much of the past week practicing these skills and ensuring that they understand how to do them well.

Geometry – This week Geometry students began a unit on probability. We started with a review of basic probability terms and concepts. Then we will move on to more complex topics like combined and conditional probability.

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