Middle School Mathematics

As we begin the month of September, mathematics classes are in full swing. Students are approaching or have already completed their first math assessments. The mathematics program at The Summit utilizes standards-based grading, which is not supported in Google Classroom grade management. Therefore, we utilize a Grade Tracking sheet that allows students to track their progress and take full ownership of their learning. Each student has a Grade Tracking sheet linked to their math Google Classroom. We utilize class time to coach students on entering their individual data and understanding the information provided. Your child should be able to show you their sheet and explain it to you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 


Anna Cook 

Integrated Mathematics (7th grade), Algebra I, Algebra II, and Applied Math



Dawn Eckstein

Math Fundamentals (6th Grade), Foundations for Algebra, Precalculus


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