Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals 

This week students finished up their study of the coordinate plane and adding and subtracting integers. Students had many opportunities to visualize the process of using negative numbers in addition and subtraction.  They moved a submarine, used integer chips, and traveled along a number line. Talking about negative numbers in real world situations (bank transactions, debt, temperature, elevation, depth, etc) is a great way to reinforce this learning.  


Integrated Math

Students in Integrated Math are applying their knowledge of rigid transformations to lines and using that information to make observations and hypotheses about angle relationships and measures. They will continue using these skills as they discover vertical angle and alternate interior and exterior angle relationships, as well as angle relationships inside of triangles. 


Foundations for Algebra 

Eighth grade students are focusing on exponents in their second unit of study. We started with a “magic coin” that doubled each day and students quickly realized how exponential growth is much different than linear growth. Ask them about how many coins there would be after just 4 weeks of daily doubling. 


Algebra I

Students in Algebra 1 are working with graphs and identifying important features of them including maximums/minimums, intercepts, and turning points. They are also working to strength their understanding of average rate of change and how to use a graph to interpret and represent that concept. Combined with their previous learning about function notation, students are able to describe a graph in a variety of ways.

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