Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals 

Fractions and decimals are our key focus for the next few weeks. Students will practice the procedures for operations with fractions and decimals. More importantly, students will further develop a sense of the types of answers that are reasonable for a given operation. Classwork will focus on estimation skills and real-life uses of fractions and decimals.  

Integrated Math

Integrated Math students have been creating scale drawings of candy bars. They chose a scale and then calculated the scale factor that the scale represents. Using that information they created a larger candy bar wrapper and scaled the nutrition facts to match. However the amounts seemed off, so students looked at giant sizes of bars and tried to figure out why ours were much smaller. The students realized that they had only scaled for size lengths, not volume. With that in mind students recreated their nutrition facts to a much more reasonable amount. 

Foundations for Algebra 

This week students began work on linear equations. In the last few days, students focused on “moves” that keep an equation balanced while working toward a solution. Because of the importance of strong equation solving skills, linear equations will be our focus for several weeks. This will be a great time for students to practice at home, perhaps by utilizing the recommended IXL topics found in Google Classroom. 

Algebra I

Algebra 1 students have been working with linear equations. They wrote equations to model relationships, identified what the solutions to the equations could tell us, and found the solutions to equations. Students explored rewriting equations and what makes equations equivalent. This knowledge will be the foundation for the topics that we explore for the rest of the course, including graphing, systems of equations, quadratic and exponential functions.


Conferences will be held next week, so if you would like to chat about math progress, be sure to sign up for a time with Ms. Eckstein or Mrs. Cook using the link send by Dr. Bonebreak!

7th Grade Candy Bars and Nutritional Facts

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