Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals 

Sixth grade students worked with multiplying and dividing fractions. The algorithms for performing these operations aren’t difficult, so most of our focus was on knowing when to multiply or divide. This seems like a simple decision, but it becomes more complicated with fractions in the mix. Now we are expanding this knowledge to include decimals. Calculators are helpful tools! So in talking about operations with decimals, the emphasis is on estimating and determining a reasonable solution. 


Integrated Math

Integrated Math students are learning about similar triangles and slope. Using their previous knowledge of scaled copies, they developed an understanding of what makes shapes similar, and how they can use that information to determine missing measurements. They looked at similar right triangles on a line in a coordinate grid, and discovered that the ratio of height to length is the same. Another name for this slope, and if slope is known, then coordinates on the line can be determined. 


Foundations for Algebra 

This week students continued to investigate complex linear equations. After working with equivalent expressions and the “order of operations” for solving equations (ask your eighth grader about “Don’t Call Me After Midnight”), we looked for patterns in equations that have one solution, all real numbers as a solution, and no solution. After Thanksgiving Break students can expect to bring together their learning with application and review. Then they will have a chance to demonstrate their learning on an assessment. 


Algebra I

Algebra 1 students have been working on a graphing unit with linear equations and inequalities. They are learning about slope-intercept and standard form of equations. As they graph, they are thinking about what graphs represent and how we can determine solutions from graphs. Additionally, they are graphing systems of equations and inequalities and seeing how those solutions compare to the solutions of singular equations and inequalities.

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