Middle School Mathematics

Math Fundamentals 

Students have been exploring with lots of ratios. They have been (digitally) mixing paint, making multiple batches of recipes, and determining the best deal for purchases. Now they will put their skills to the test as they complete a short project displaying a ratio of their choice from their own lives. 


Integrated Math

Integrated math has been wrapping up their first unit on rigid transformations and congruence. Students have continued exploring angle relationships and various shapes. Knowing that there are 360 degrees around a point enabled them to discover the angle measurement of the angles in regular polygons. Students also had their first foray into creating tessellations, which are another application of rigid transformations. The unit wrapped up with another quiz over these topics. 


Foundations for Algebra 

Students are diving deep with foundational algebra concepts. Organizing their problem solving, utilizing algebraic and operational properties, and key terminology are among the skills and concepts being learned and practiced. These “basics” help students to more easily manipulate and solve complex algebraic equations and inequalities in less familiar contexts. 


Algebra I

Students in Algebra 1 have been working on using graphs to represent real world scenarios. Whether raising a flag, bouncing a ball, or filling up a container with water, students can create graphs to display the details of these events and then define and/or describe the important features of the graph in either words or function notation. Students assessed their knowledge with a quiz over this material at the end of the week.

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