Arctic Habitat

Through fiction and nonfiction read alouds, students have completed several activities relating to the tundra.  Jan Brett’s book The Three Snow Bears provided us with the opportunity to compare two texts as it is an arctic version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Students compared the characters, setting, and plot of each, identifying similarities and differences as they made connections between the texts.

Nonfiction books such as The Magic School Bus In the Arctic and Tundra introduced students to key vocabulary terms such as tree line and permafrost.  As we learn about each habitat, students will study the animals and plant life of that area.  Currently, first grade students are conducting research on an arctic animal of their choice examining the animal’s anatomy, classification, diet, habitat, range, lifecycle, enemies, and forms of protection.  In the coming weeks, students will complete and assemble research on each animal classification and variety of world biomes.

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