Daily Language and Math Review

Summit first graders have begun a new morning work routine, completing a daily math and language review.  While called the daily review, in our class, it serves as both a preview and a review of skills.  Students will work to complete the daily review individually, and then we will check our work as a group during our morning meeting.  In addition to checking as a group, I will periodically review work individually to ensure students are understanding content, completing work independently, and making necessary corrections. As we ease in this week, students will complete the Daily Language Review in the morning, and then, they will complete the Daily Math Review in the afternoon. In the next couple of weeks, we will look to combine the two as morning work.

Throughout the school year, the daily language review will address each of the following skills:  grammar, comprehension, vocabulary, word study, reference skills, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.  The daily math review will address number sense, computation, patterns, geometry, measurement, and data.  Skills specific to this week are included below.

Language Skills

  • language usage
  • parts of speech
  • sentence structure
  • categorization
  • consonant and vowel sounds
  • rhyme
  • alphabetical order
  • spelling
  • sentence capitalization
  • proper nouns
  • punctuation

Math Skills

  • addition facts
  • subtraction facts
  • column addition
  • solving word problems
  • reading and writing numerals
  • counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
  • ordinal numbers
  • sorting and classifying patterns
  • shape identification
  • telling time
  • counting coins
  • interpreting graphs
  • using tally marks

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