Social Emotional Learning and Developing Personal Agency

First graders continue to develop their social and emotional skills through a variety of activities at school.

Inner Explorer Update

First grade has been using Inner Explorer to practice mindfulness since the beginning of the school year. We have learned so much about ourselves and our emotions in this time. Students have gotten better and better at focusing, sitting quietly and listening. A special new addition to our Inner Explorer practice are two small stuffed animals that visit leaders in the classroom during our Inner Explorer practice. The two leaders that receive the stuffed animals that day get to hold the animals during their mindfulness practice.  

Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are a part of our morning routine. We say these to help remind ourselves of how great we are! Recently, students have begun being the leaders of this practice. (Previously, Ms. Ursino would lead.) One student reads the affirmations while the others repeat after. Click the link to watch some recent affirmations.

Class Jobs

Every afternoon before pack-up, our class does their class jobs. Every student has a job and every job is important. Having a task to do each day to contribute to our classroom success helps students develop their sense of responsibility and personal agency. Student jobs include pencil sharpener, clutter control, table inspector, floor sweeper, duster and more! Ask your child what their job is this week!

Chill Zone

Our classroom recently gained a new tool called “The Chill Zone”. Students can use this area of the classroom to have some quiet time, work independently, relax or calm down. The Chill Zone includes a tent, bean bag, fidget toys, yoga pose cards, breathing technique cards and a personal work space. Students can ask to use The Chill Zone when they feel it would be helpful for them, then they self-monitor their time in the space using a one-minute or five-minute sand timer. 

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