Bossy E

This week, first graders are working on “Bossy E” words. These are words with a consonant, vowel, consonant and an E, often called CVCe words, magic E words or bossy E words. 

We learned that “Bossy E makes the vowel say it’s name!”. This week we have practiced our spelling pattern during morning work, writing, and read alouds. We even read a story as a class that was filled with CVCe words. Ms. Ursino projected the story on the TV so everyone could see the text, and students read the story out loud. They did great decoding the CVCe words!

Later this week, we will read another story aloud as a group, play Bossy E “I Have Who Has” (a game where students read a word and then match up with a classmate who has that word on their card, and Bossy E Bingo. 

Want to help at home? When you’re in the car or sitting around the dinner table, play this game:
Tell your child a CVC word and ask them what word it would make if you added a Bossy E. Then tell them a Bossy E word and ask them what word it would make if it did not have a Bossy E. For example, CUB would turn to CUBE or PINE would turn to PIN.

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