Snow Day

Please visit the Snow Day page of the first grade blog for snow and winter related educational activities.  Listed below are a few more suggestions of optional activities.

  • Write a LAD Fair entry.  A few category suggestions and descriptions are included:
    • Media Review –  A critical report/evaluation of a book, movie, play, CD, etc. Should include a brief summary of the work, a description of its strengths and weaknesses, opinion of the work, and evidence supporting writer’s opinions.
    • Book Report – Besides the author and title, should include a brief synopsis of the book, an overview of character, setting and point of view, topic and theme, the writer’s reaction to the book and direct quotations from the book to support general statements.
    • Essay with Original Photos – Short fiction or non-fiction work that deals with one subject. Original photos (may be digital) should accompany and reflect the essay. (No computer graphics or Internet photos.)
  • Practice for the LAD Spelling Bee. First grade will hold an optional class spelling bee to determine one representative to participate in the LAD Spelling Bee.  More information will follow in coming weeks.  LAD Spelling Bee information, rules, and word lists can be found at the links below:
  • Master one addition and one subtraction skill on IXL (categories B and D).
  • Read, take the quiz, and listen to two books on RazKids.

Snow Day

Happy snow day! I hope you are staying warm and cozy today! Here are some activities you can do at home to keep your brain sharp. Ask your parents to send me a picture of what you are doing today on Remind so I can see those first grade smiles!

Love, Ms. Ursino

  1. Build a blanket fort to read in! 
  2. Pick two ways to practice your spelling words (rainbow write, build them with Playdoh, write in shaving cream on the table, trace them with your finger on an iPad app, spell them out loud to your parents; the possibilities are endless!)
  3. What is the temperature today? Find the temperature of 3 other cities around the world and compare them.
  4. Visit Google Classroom and explore some activities we have learned in the past! Check out the math songs, music page, Spanish activities and more!
  5. Cook or bake something with a parent. Help them read the directions and measure the ingredients.
  6. Write an acrostic poem about snow or winter.
  7. Read a story out loud to a family member or stuffed animal. Practice “reading like you’re talking”.
  8. Make a list of verbs that you can do on a snow day! (Don’t forget: a verb is an action word!)
  9. Visit Google Classroom to find links to some snow-themed books you can listen to!
  10. Visit IXL or Prodigy to practice your math skills and have some fun!